New Obession: Cat Cult

22 Mar

New Obession: Cat Cult

I saw an Instagram of the Vampire Cat shirt and became OBSESSED.

My favorite maybe the cat with ruby eyes.

I’ve gone as much googling as I can, and all I can really find is this guy named Ian in Pasadena (who is a photographer) silkscreens tshirts and prints, is somehow involved with these cool hoodies, and is awesome.


14 Jan

This is my new favorite Etsy shop.  Her stuff is AMAZING! Dresses and tights (that’s all I wear lately) with cat and fox prints! TOO PERFECT!


She’s currently on vacation, so these images link to sold items, but go check out her shop.

I’m not hiding, just really REALLY busy!

30 Dec

Hi. I’m still here, just stupid busy. We moved from NYC to CA at the end of Sept, into my grandparents house that had been minimally lived in for the last 10 years. Meaning, lots of cleaning up (and OUT), lots of home repairs, lots of yard work. Lots and LOTS of yard work. We’re still elbow deep in it, and as I get my act together, I hope to post progress reports.

I’ve also been working at a day job like a maniac- about 10 hour days with 1-1.5 hours of commuting… so there’s not a ton of time for making things. … I did recently finish a granny square stocking, and have most of a blanket finished. Once some of the major home repairs happen, I’ll hopefully be able to set up a whole studio to work in! So hopefully I’ll have time to make things and not just the space for it!

In the mean time, here’s some pretty things I like to look at lately.


The japanese just do EVERYTHING right, don’t they!? Great colors, clean lines… And stuff you never knew you needed!


Papier Tiger

French adorableness. Because who doesn’t want 20394820394 more notebooks??


Emma’s Design Blog

Apparently the first ever amazing blog from a cute and stylish Swede. Gives me so many pangs of home decor envy.


So happy End of 2012. Glad we all survived the Mayan Apocalypse. See you (hopefully more?) in 2013!!

I Still Love You, New York

12 Oct

So we did it. On my 10th anniversary of arriving in New York, Chris and I got on a plane with the cats and left for our new home in CA. The date was a coincidence, but seemed so appropriate.

My 10 years in New York was quite an experience and I wouldn’t change too much, but it was time for a change. I do miss my friends out there, and am working hard to get our new place in order to start having guests come out and visit!

It is good to be back home in the East Bay. It’s been nice seeing my family so much, and having a whole house to spread out in- though we have a lot of work to do with cleaning out and renovating this place- is amazing. By the way, it’s like a vintage GOLDMINE in here. So much cool stuff! I’ll be starting an etsy soon to sell off some of the stuff we’re not keeping… 

Anyway, to wrap it up, California has welcomed us warmly and I love being home. I still love so much about New York, it was just time for us to move on. 


Oops, I did it again.

24 Aug

Hi Mom. Don’t be mad. 


So last Friday, while not having a ton to do at work, I started sketching a sugar skull on my arm. By Monday, it had morphed into a cat and then somehow became permanent. I don’t know how it happened. 

But I love it.

It couldn’t be more perfect! And how fortuitous that my tattoo artist should be a half Japanese girl?! 

Artist: Mina Aoki at Daredevil


The Unmendables

15 Aug

artwork by Kate Coats

So a bunch of my friends and I are starting a “club”. We want to do ______-a-longs, varying from crochet and knit projects to home DIYs and interesting recipes.

Facebook group!

Pinterest Board!

There are no rules. Joining the group doesn’t obligate you to participate in all (or even any) of the projects. Anyone can suggest a project. Let’s try it! Should be fun! And hopefully INSPIRING!!!


Mascara Project: Tarte Gifted

15 Jun

This week: Tarte Gifted

tarte tube

tarte brush

This brush is beautiful. Thick, nice dispersement and depth of bristles. And the formula is nice. Medium viscosity so it coats nicely in one go, but not so thick that you end up with one clumped eyelash.

tarte gifted front

tarte gifted under

I don’t know if you can actually tell any difference week to week from these photos. And if you can’t, I’m sorry. But take my word for it, so far, this is one of my favorites. It actually adds not only length, but volume. It seems like each lash is tripled, that I suddenly have twice as many lashes, and that they’re all a quarter of an inch longer. It’s amazing. Doesn’t crumble or smudge as the day wears on, but washes off clean in the end.

Overall Score: 9


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